I am a User Experience Designer and Design Thinker. 
My journey into UX is a gradual and thorough one: first through a master’s study in Human-Computer Interaction, with a focus on design research and evaluation; then through a hands-on design program with a close connection to the industry. 
I value the rigor in design research and evaluation while appreciating the fluid nature of design practice. 
I have a knack for analytical problem solving and a keen eye for detail, thanks partially to my background in engineering and technical communication.
I am passionate about designing meaningful, effective, and delightful experiences, with both users and business in mind. 
When I am not UXing, you can find me in the beautiful BC nature, on my bike, or on a yoga mat.
Find Me
You can find me on LinkedIn, Medium, and Twitter
Contact Me
You are welcome to drop me a line at dengyinggirl@gmail.com. 
You can get a copy of my resume here
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